A Spa Emergency shampoo 1000 ml – (cod. L11030)

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Is a deep Reconstructing Shampoo that is formulated with Collagen, Keratin, Ceramides, and Shea Butter to help insure the complete reconstruction of the hair follicle. This Line is designed to gently cleanse hair that has been weathered and weakened. The use of the line will result in soft, hydrated, and toned hair structure. Ideal for: very damaged hair.
pH: 5,0
Fragrance: Silk and Acai berries
Actions: Gently cleanses hair that has been chemically treated or weakened by atmospheric agents. it carries
out an effective internal restructuring action
PLUS: SLS/SLES, Gluten and Parabens free.

Use: apply to wet hair, massage, rinse off.