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Become   an   Esthetician   at   Dominican   House   Of   Beauty

At DHOB The School, you will learn Esthetician skills and use your creativity to become a confident beauty professional.Your Esthetician education will include basic Esthetician techniques, skin care, client and retail skills as well as how to create a resume and portfolio necessary to brand yourself in today’s digital world. Your 600-clock hour Esthetician program at DHOB The School is split into four phases that will help you see, think, create and adapt as a beauty professional.

Master the basic:

Explore the fundamentals of Esthetician. You will learn Esthetician skills and use your creativity to become a confident beauty professional.

Take Hands On Approach:

Put into practice the four cornerstones of see, think, create and adapt with hands-on training in our Student Salon and Spa.Participate in advanced workshops in content areas from Phase 1 that build your technical and communication skills. 

Advance your skills:

Continue to hone your skills as a designer in our Student Salon & Spa while shaping your skills in guest relations and efficiency.Participate in advanced workshops in content areas from previous phases.

Work and Prepare:

Prepare for Academy final testing and the professional licensure exam while perfecting your craft as a designer in the Student Salon & Spa.

TOTAL Cost:$9,000



Starting Date: 08/02/2021

Enrolling Now!

Contents for the online seccion:

  1. History and Career Opportunities
  2. Life Skills
  3. Your Professional Image
  4. Communicating For Success
  5. Infection Control: Principles and Practices
  6. General Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Basics of Chemistry
  8. Basics of Electricity
  9. Basics of Nutrition
  10. Physiology and Histology of the Skin
  11. Disorders and Diseases of the Skin
  12. Skin Analysis
  13. Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients, and Selection
  14. The Treatment Room
  15. Facial Treatments
  16. Facial Massage
  17. Facial Machines
  18. Hair Removal
  19. Advanced Topics and Treatments
  20. The World of Makeup
  21. Career Planning
  22. The Skin Care Business
  23. Selling Products and Services

Practical Performance Minimum Requirements (in classrrom seccion).

A. The curriculum for basic estheticians shall include the following minimum practical performances:

Consultations, cleansings and analysis of face and body


Manual facials and treatments


Machine or electrical facials and treatments


Body treatments and back treatments




Hair Removal