Juvitox Reconstructing Lotion 12 x 10 ml

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Copy of L28330

Plant stem cells are an excellent and innovative material for hair care. This is due to Extracts from these cells have very Innovative and  egenerating hair fiber, making it possible to perform From the Cuticle, crossing the Bark and lodging in the marrow, fromWhere it transferred to the follicular zone to strengthen the bulb and the dermal papilla.
91 percent of the hair is composed of a fibrous protein called Keratin and if we look under a microscope we can see that its shape is Similar to that of a cylindrical stem with a root called a hair follicle. Follicle Hairy is the part of the skin that gives hair growth by concentrating cells mother.
It is where it is born, it forms and it grows, therefore it is there where the Anti-Age will perform its function.