Master Educator Program

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Registration cost:$100 (Aplicable to tuition and non refundable)

Total Cost:$ 2,500

DHOB Master Educator, provides the backbone of the instructor theory for the beauty and wellness educator. We presents educators with the teaching skills and educational judgments necessary to become an effective and successful instructor.  Master Educator is designed for flexibility, being used in programs ranging from a basic overview of instructor training to programs that require more advanced teaching techniques.  Master Educator serves the future instructor as a valuable, fundamental learning tool, and the seasoned instructor with the strategies needed to adapt to the changing landscape of classroom learning.


  1. The Career Education Instructor
  2. The Teaching Plan and Learning Environment
  3. Teaching Study and Testing Skills
  4. Basic Learning Styles and Principles
  5. Basic Methods of Teaching and Learning
  6. Communicating Confidently
  7. Effective Presentations
  8. Effective Classroom Management and Supervision
  9. Achieving Learner Results
  10. Program Review, Development, and Lesson Planning
  11. Educational Aids and Technology in the Classroom
  12. Assessing Progress and Advising Students
  13. Making the Student Salon an Adventure
  14. Career and Employment Preparation
  15. The Art of Retaining Students
  16. Educator Relationships
  17. Learning Is a Laughing Matter
  18. Teaching Success Strategies for a Winning Career
  19. Teams at Work
  20. Evaluating Professional Perform