Module. 11 Hair Styling

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After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

lO 1 Execute finger waving, pin curling, roller setting, and hair wrapping.
lO 2 Perform various blowdry styling techniques and learn the proper use of blowdrying tools.
lO 3 Demonstrate the proper use of thermal irons.
lO 4 Demonstrate the proper use of a flat iron and show an understanding of heat settings.
lO 5 Demonstrate various thermal iron manipulations and explain how they are used.
lO 6 Perform the four basic curl patterns and explain the end result.
lO 7 Describe the three types of hair pressing.
lO 8 Understand the importance of preparation, sectioning, pinning, and balance with regard to updos.
lO 9 Create the two foundational updos for styling long hair