Module 6 Properties of the hair and scalp

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After completing this chapter, you will be able to:


lO 1 Identify and distinguish the different structures of the hair root.
lO 2 Point out and differentiate the differences among the three main layers of the hair shaft.
lO 3 Identify and explain the three types of side bonds in the cortex.
lO 4 Name and compare the differences among the three cycles of hair growth.
lO 5 Give examples of the common types of hair loss and explain what can cause hair loss.
lO 6 Identify and explain at least three options for hair loss treatment.
lO 7 Learn to identify the most common hair and scalp disorders seen in the salon and school, and then name which ones a physician should treat.
lO 8 Compare and describe the different factors that should be considered during a hair and scalp analisis.