Spa Emergency Mask reconstruction 500 – (cod. L11032)

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  • Spa – Emergency Collagen Mask (1000ml). This mask hair care product is a revitalizing mask enriched with enriched with Collagen, Keratin, Ceramides and Shea Butter. Fragrance: Silk and acai berries.
  • SPA Emergency Line: This line is formulated with Collagen, Keratin, Ceramides, and Shea Butter. This formula is rich in vegetable oils, natural active principals, and is loaded with proteins and amino acids that can assist in revitalizing and nourishing hair, head and scalp. Used by professionals in salons and in homes, alike.
  • Features/Hair Type: Infused with our Spa care technology. Excellent softener and strengthener for dry, damaged, and treated hair. Gently nourishes and hydrates hair structure, restores vitality and shine, and leaves it in the desired condition. It restores vitality and shine leaving hair soft and easy to manage.
  • Directions: Apply this hair mask after shampooing hair. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Massage into hair and rinse off well. This is an amazing hair care product masque that is enriched with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, and is especially suited for chemically treated hair.
  • Uses: This Spa Emergency softening and strengthening mask can be used for all types of hair – thin, medium, thick, dry, healthy, damaged, normal and curly. Great for treated hair, or after a haircut. Can be used by men – males, women – females, professionals, amateurs; in salons, homes, showers, and baths. For clarifying, hydrating, moisturizing, cleansing, nourishing, and revitalizing.